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Shooting Star

Hanging On

So as I was driving off from my friend Vicki Mall's house, I saw a grasshopper sitting on my windshield wiper. I kept thinking it would leap off at every red light and stop sign. In fact I would shout, "Go little grasshopper." But nothing. I feared turning on the wipers as I thought it might crush it...leaving a horrible green/yellow streak across my windshield, let alone what it might do to the poor grasshopper. It was the entrance onto 101 at the Bicentennial where I thought the little fellow would blow off, but damn if it didn't hang on until I approached the College Ave exit. I looked at my windshield seconds later and he was gone. Another needless casualty. Moral of story: know when to let go.

DREAM ON: The App to Influence Your Dreams

Do you want to create your perfect dream? Perhaps you would like to dream about taking a relaxing stroll through the countryside, being able to fly, or lying on a sun drenched beach? Would you like to wake up feeling refreshed and happy? 

How does Dream:ON work?
Before going to bed you indicate the type of dream you would like to have and when you want to wake up. You then place your iPhone on your bed and go to sleep. Dream:ON then activates and begins monitoring your sleep pattern.


My greatest victory as a writer will, at first glance, seem simplistic and lacking imagination. Why? Because my star achievement is that I'mableto write. I was a prolific writer between 1987-1997. During this time, a traditional publishing house helped me to birth three novels, five short story collections and a variety of articles and stories in anthologies and magazines. My muse was alive and well. The burning passion to write glowed continually. Did I take this for granted? You betcha! I'd simply sit down, put my fingers on the keyboard and whoosh, words streamed onto the page.

Help Me Find A Cover

What Do You Think?

Possible Book Covers For My New Novella: DREAM, a fantasy.


C.                                  D.



 When I chose the cover for my novel, The Beautiful Evil, I thought I'd found the perfect image. The Beautiful Evil, an oxymoron, is another name for the mythological woman, Pandora. She opened a vase (or box) releasing demons into the world. The Beautiful Evil, based on the Pandora myth, has a similar concept. Consequently, I decided this would be a perfect title.   The image on the cover of The Beautiful Evil represents one of the demons who disguises herself as a beautiful fairy.


Out of forty-eight reviews, my latest novel THE BEAUTIFUL EVIL, has 30 five-star reviews. Of the remaining eighteen, six are one star. Okay, fine. No issues there. Here's where I have trouble—some of the comments by the readers about myself or the main character are searing. It's as if they have taken me into their "Red Room Of Pain" (fromFifty Shades Of Grey,) and whipped the hell out of me with a belt. 

 One one-starer stated that she wasn't sure whether to "slap the character or the author.

Welcome Guest Blogger Caleb Pirtle: Editing Can Make Or Break You

Every author has a story to tell. Every author has a burning desire to tell it. Not every author tells the story very well. The author could, I’m sure. But in the frantic, fast-paced, hectic, and frenzied world of indie publishing, authors are far too eager to see their well-chosen words birthed alive and well on a Kindle somewhere. Too often, they collect assorted words and assemble them in no particular order. They create sentences, then paragraphs, and finally chapters. They tack three hundred pages together, more or less.

When Life Gives You Lemons ...

5 Ways to Use Lemons  

 That old adage about "life giving you lemons" is quite unfair to this small, yellow fruit. Sure, it's sour, but it has all sorts of great uses that you've probably never heard about. In this health and food article, we'll show you how to use lemons in 5 great ways. You'll be glad when life gives you lemons, and you'll know that they're good for more than just clichéd phrases and lemonade! 

 1. Use lemons to deodorize your personal space That fresh, citrus smell that's popular in commercial cleaners can also be had from the real, natural stuff.

Yoga and Anti-Aging

      Yoga meditation promotes emotional-physical poise and a quiet mind. Thus, it protects against the pressures of daily living. Our ever increasing daily stress destroys health and happiness. The regular yoga practitioner remains young and active longer than those who don’t practice Yoga. There are many asanas that uses anti-gravity postures to reverse the effect of gravity and use it to our advantage.[i] For example, padhastasana, not only increases suppleness, tones the nervous system, stretches the spine, massages the abdominal muscles and keeps the legs firm and toned; it also add an additional supply of blood to the facial tissues and scalp, nourishing them both.

Yoga Reduces Stress and Calms Emotions Part lV

 In Western society, everyday life can be challenging. People are pulled in many directions—multitasking, thinking about errands during conversations—distracted and not paying much attention to any one thing. Consequently, women begin to feel fragmented, unfocused and stressed. Hormones fluctuate, often out of balance, causing overreactions and emotional upsets. 

Women can prevent or overturn out of control emotions and stress overload with breathing exercises taught in Yoga. Moving through a series of asanas and/or meditation can bring calmness and serenity.
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