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One in twenty-five people is a sociopath. When we think of twenty-five of our friends and acquaintances,  we might think that no one in our circle could be a sociopath.  But do you know for sure? Me? I used to be attracted to edgy people. Put together edgy and the wrong type and that was usually my kind of guy (or woman). Put me in a room filled with 100 people and I’ll find the one, across the room, that I know I should stay away from, and yet the draw is hard to resist. Or Was.  Consequently, I ended up in a relationship with a sociopath.What’s interesting to me is that if you were to meet her, you’d immediately be attracted. She has a charisma that draws people to her. She is always in style with her Cole Haan shoes–aways polished.  Jewelry. Watches for every outfit. Porsche. Job. And a romantic.She was exactly what I was looking for. At least that’s what I believed. Little did I know that she was a chameleon, reflecting what she knew I wanted, rather than being who she was. Wow! It was amazing until the mirror cracked and I began to see exactly what I was dealing with. A thief. She stole a pair of sunglasses out of a cop car. Reached in and took them. Just like that. Walked into Cost Co without a coat, came out with one–twice in a row. A sociopathic liar. Her stories, I found out, were spider webs. If she didn’t want to do something, she’d tell the person her father died recently. (Which he never did) According to her, both he and her grandmother must have died a total of six times. I was with her. I found out when people began to offer me their condolences. How rough to lose a father.I could go on and on with stories–but the point is this. SHE BLENDED IN SO WELL.Such a vivacious, interesting and clever woman. A spider disguised as a butterfly.Look at that list of twenty-five. Do you really know each of these people?


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