Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Seed?
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Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Seed?

embryoFollowing the arrest of a serial killer, the question is always asked: 

How did this person become a serial murderer? 

According to the FBI:“the answer lies in the development of the individual from birth to adulthood.  Specifically, the behavior a person displays is influenced by life experiences, as well as certain biological factors. Serial murderers, like all human beings, are the product of their heredity, their upbringing, and the choices they make throughout development. The development of social coping mechanisms begins early in life and continues to progress as children learn to interact, negotiate, and compromise with their peers. In some individuals the failure to develop adequate coping mechanisms results in violent behavior. Neglect and abuse in childhood have been shown to contribute to an increased risk of future violence. Substance abuse can and does lead to increased aggression and violence. There are documented cases of people who suffered severe head injuries and ultimately become violent, even when there was no prior history of violence. There is no single identifiable cause or factor that leads to the development of a serial killer. Rather, there are a multitude of factors that contribute to their development. The most significant factor is the serial killer’s personal decision in choosing to pursue their crimes.“ FBI — Serial Murder.

Okay, that’s what they say, but when one considers the existence of the soul in each individual it leads, at least for me, to even more perplexing questions. Is the soul basically good and then once birth occurs, it becomes susceptible to evil? What makes one soul stronger than another? If one believes that the embryo is already a person, has evil found it’s way into the child pre-birth?

Let’s face it, if one believes in the yin/yang of life, or the balance of nature, there’s a basic understanding that nothing is all good. There has to be balance. So the question I ask is, is the soul all good? Always? Could it be that there is a predisposition to evil–as well as to good. And, perhaps, if a soul is weak and it is engaged in an intense trauma such as birth–could the balance tip allowing a “bad seed” to plant itself into the soul?

We've seen the goodness in people such as Ghandi, Mandela, Mother Theresa and the sacrifices they made in the name of goodness. How did they get that way? Do we all have that capacity for goodness at any cost?

I know many people who grew up in horrific situations. They did not become serial killers. I’m not saying they didn’t have their issues, but not one of them has been charged with murder.Why does one soul go to the dark side, while the other lives in the light?

Depending on the circumstances, I believe that we all have the capacity to do good and evil things. But some spend their lives in the shadows–did it all evolve from a bad seed planted during birth? Something to think about.

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